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Polish and Develop the Supply Chain Management Abilities of Your Supply Chain & Business Development Teams……and See How Your Business Strategy Gets Rejuvenated for EVEN BETTER OUTPUTS!!

THE OPTIMIZERS announces one month ONLINE SCM Certification Course to cater to your business needs through the development of the business sense of your employees.


• The course material, broken up in eight modules will be provided to the participants on twice
   weekly basis.

 • The participants will be forwarded MCQ based questionnaires after 24 hours of provision of the
   course material; which they will return within 4 hours.

• At the completion of the course, a final MCQs based test will be conducted.

• All the participants who score more than 75% in all the tests, will be awarded certificates.


THE OPTIMIZERS has taken the initiative to cater to the needs of its clients according to their convenience. Hence, at whatever time you submit the fee and send us the required details (as mentioned hereunder) and your registration is confirmed, the Course will commence for you/your Organisation. It will take one month to complete from the date of commencement.


1. How SCM Came to be Recognised as A Core Strategic Asset by Business Leaders
2. The Three Keys to Shaping Opinions of SCM
3. The Triple-A Supply Chain
4. Forecasting Market Fluctuations to Make SC Demand-Responsive
5. The Four Basic Dimensions of SC
6. The Key Metrics for Executives to Track
7. Negotiating Strategic Alliances
8. The Four Habits of Highly Effective SC
9. Leading a SC Turn Around
10. Beyond Offshoring: Assess Your Company’s Global Potential
11. Importance of Allocating Decision Rights to the Right People
12. Risk Management in SC
13. An Internal Audit team for SC
14. Outsourcing Postsales Service: Protect Your Brand
15. Creating the One-Touch SC
16. Balancing Global Risk & Return
17. Beware the Forces That Affect Your SC
18. Driving the SC into Your Customer’s Business
19. Shifting into High Gear
20. Tactics for Changing Minds
21. The Next Company Spokes-person May be YOU!
22. How Soft Metrics Can Make Hard Choices Easier
23. Keep Your Sourcing Options Open
24. Intersection of Supply Chain and Other Factors
25. Integration of Supplies on Multiple Levels
26. Why Is It Hard to Implement SCM?
27. Prerequisites for SC Success
28. Future Issues
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