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Rising instantly to the need of the hour, THE OPTIMIZERS ® offers trainings at the following two fronts, in order to mitigate human woe and suffering that scientists are telling us, unfortunately is expected to carry on in the form of unannounced natural hazards.

Firstly, we take this opportunity to step forward in this time of need and refresh and append the disaster risk management knowledge of our brethren working for humanity in various Development Sector Organisations, so that besides being able to educate the masses on the subject, they are also able to effectively handle the planning and implementation phases, that are an indispensable part of the efforts made in good faith! These training workshops will be held at your premises and customized according to your needs. These workshops / ONLINE courses will specifically focus on:

• DRM as A Profession
• Types of Disasters!
• What Is DM Cycle Before & After the Event
• Risk and Crisis Management
• Phases of Risk Preparedness
• Steps To be Taken for Risk Preparedness
• Mitigating The Risk
• How Do Hazards Effect People
• Impacts of Disasters
• Principles of Emergency Management
• Tools of Emergency Management
• International Organisations Involved in DRM
• DRM for Different Hazards (Floods, Earthquakes etc.)
• DRM Challenges in Pakistan
• Role of Social Workers during Disasters in Pakistan
• SVM Scheme for Forecasting Precipitation
• Land Use Control Measures for Flood Risk Management
• GIS and Flood Risk Modeling etc.

Secondly,THE OPTIMIZERS® is also willing to offer services to help out the personnel of the Development Sector Organisations as they step forward to train the selected representatives of the masses, who can then further disseminate the knowledge.

The main focus will be:
 Passing on the information about both pre and post disaster times;
 Attention paid to the disasters that have already hit the area, or most probably can hit the area;
  Forming the after flood/earthquake devastation into opportunity

Join hands with THE OPTIMIZERS® for this noble cause….Let us together make this earth a safer place to live in……
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